17-18 Performance Report

School Information

Grades: K-6
Enrollment: 724
Facility: Opened in 1954. Newly constructed school opened September 2008.

Highlights for 2017-18

  • All students learned how to annotate and access complex text and answer higher level thinking questions, resulting in a 9 percent increase of students reading at or above grade level.
  • Increased before and after-school programming including garden club, journalism club, Girls on the Run, Team Read, ACE, coding club, robotics, and a newcomer language club. This clubs resulted in student created gardening boxes, student created Midway Newsletter and other positive enrichment experiences for students.
  • Introduced RULER (recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing and regulating emotions) to support teaching of emotional intelligence through the use of classroom charters, the mood meter and meta-moments. We saw a reduction in the number of behavior referrals for disruption/defiance by 38 percent.
  • Introduced monthly character trait assemblies and principal positive awards to recognize and celebrate positive behaviors among students.
  • Collaborated with families in the school decision making process by including translators at meetings and creating in-school communication in more languages, including Spanish, French, Somali, Dari and Arabic.
  • Continued to emphasize and support our inclusion practices, increasing access to general education classes for students.

Plans for 2018-19

  • Emphasize instruction of academic vocabulary and close reading strategies to support students in accessing and analyzing complex texts and tasks.
  • Continue to unpack the Common Core State Standards to improve alignment between daily instruction, curriculum and assessments within and across grade levels.
  • Focus on math talk and language supports to support all students, including English Language Learners in accessing, analyzing and solving math word problems.
  • Develop systems to improve the collaborative culture in working with students, families and teachers on collective responsibility and high expectations for learning and accountability.
  • Increase family engagement with better communication, opportunities for volunteering, and celebrating diversity.
  • Spanish Dual Language program beginning for all kindergarten students.
  • Begin a co-teaching model in 5th and 6th grade to better support our students identified for special education services.
  • Continue to align common behavior expectations, identify ways to celebrate positive behaviors among students, and develop student leadership to improve school culture.
  • Continue instruction of RULER and Second Step to improve social emotional literacy.

Invitation to Participate

Invitation to Participate

At Highline Public Schools, one of our four pillars in the district's strategic plan is parent and family engagement. In order to reach our strategic plan goals we will form partnerships with parents and families. Families and community members are encouraged to participate in school activities and in educating students in school, at home and in the community.

How District Funds are Invested

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Source: Actual 2018-19 expenditures as of August 2019.

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