Connecting to SeeSaw

Connecting to SeeSaw

SeeSaw: This week you should have gotten a SMS text message and/or email from your child’s teacher through SeeSaw.

  • When you open the message, you will see directions on how to connect to your child’s journal. Once you click the link and create an account, you will be prompted to download the SeeSaw Family App from your App Store. Now you will be able to communicate directly with the teacher and see any entry your student and teacher posts!   You also need to get the Seesaw Class App
  • Your child will use the Seesaw Class app for home learning. This is different than the Seesaw Family app.  If your home device is a tablet or phone, download or update the Seesaw Class app in your device’s app store. The most recent version of Seesaw is required for home learning. App update is required!  If your home device is a laptop or computer, visit Students log-in with Google/email using their and the password they use for that (probably their birthday mm/dd/yyyy).


Need more help:

How to Connect to Seesaw:  HowtoConnecttoSeesaw_1.docx

Videos on how to use SeeSaw:

Remote learning resources for families from SeeSaw: