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Midway Family Message

Midway Family Message

Midway Update 05/18/2020

Tuesday, May 19th: Mustang Zoom Fun! K-2nd grade at 4:00 PM, 3-5th grade at 4:30 PM. 

Join us for 30 minutes of Zoom time with students across grade levels and classes - staff will have an activity for everyone to participate in, and you can “see” your friends virtually.

See Seesaw for the Zoom link.

Wednesday, May 20th: “We Miss our Mustangs” Car Parade! 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM.  

Families, you will be able to drive through Midway’s bus parking lot any time from 11:45 - 12:30 to see staff members lining a “parade” route waving and cheering for our Mustangs!  You will also be able to pick up art supplies for our Zoom art activity on Thursday, all without leaving your vehicle.  If you are walking, please remain across the street - you will still be able to pick up art supplies.  Families may also pick up art supplies at Midway Park from 12:30-1:00 PM.

Thursday, May 21st: Zoom Art with the Sounders and Storm!  4:00 PM for all students.

Join our partners, the Seattle Sounders and the Seattle Storm, for a community art activity via Zoom.  See Seesaw for the Zoom link.


Midway Updates 4/27- Courage, Mind Yeti, Teacher Appreciation, and Virtual Field Day

Dear Midway Families,

We are excited to announce that 85% of students were engaged in our distance learning last week.  We know that this has been a big challenge for everyone and we are so grateful for your partnership and perseverance.  Our character trait over the last 2 months has been courage.  We are so proud of all of our students for showing courage during this time.  This is a good time to talk with your family about who you have seen showing courage and what they are doing to show courage.   Here are two read alouds  about Courage: Knots on a Counting Rope in English, a book about a boy learning to face his challenges, including blindness, and our very own Maestra Richardson reading in Spanish, Kaia y Las Abejas

I am very excited to share that Mind Yeti is available for free for families to use at home. Many of our students have found that practicing mindfulness with Mind Yeti helps them to calm their minds and focus their attention.  At school, we would often do Mind Yeti when we returned to the classroom after recess. At home, you might try doing Mind Yeti right before starting your assignments.  You can access Mind Yeti on Vimeo.  They have mindfulness videos in both English and Spanish.

Next week is Teacher and Staff Appreciation.  While we are not in the building together, we want to make sure to show our staff how much we appreciate them. We are asking for students to write notes to their teachers or make a video that we will share with the teachers. If you would like to share a video, you can upload it here.  If you would like to write a note to teachers, fill out this form.  Or you can email or text Dr. Ellis: Debbie.ellis@highlineschools.org or 206-823-4056. Remember to say the name of the teacher(s) and staff that you appreciate and why you appreciate each one. Be specific and don’t forget all of our other great staff besides the classroom teachers who work so hard.

Next Friday is Virtual Field Day. See the PE portion of the Newsletter from your Teachers on Seesaw for more information. Here are some of the fun activities to practice this week.

We have been so proud of our students for their courage and perseverance in learning during this time!

Stay healthy and safe!

April 21 Message

Hello Midway Families,

It has been such an honor to see our students and their beginning of work on Seesaw and Google Classroom this past week. I even had the chance to join into a Zoom meeting and hear directly from students what they like about remote learning and what they are finding challenging.  We are so grateful that so many families were able to get chromebooks for their students so they can stay connected and access learning during this challenging time.  As we continue to work on systems to improve, please give us feedback about what is working for you and what we can do better.  We have connected with 98% of our families!  This is a result of our incredible community working together in innovative ways to get everyone connected. While we are working on getting connected to our last few families, our next step is to get ALL students engaged in learning.

We are all feeling lots of emotions during this time.  A first step in managing our emotions is being able to label our feelings.  Below is a chart of how emotions might look in our children’s actions.  This chart helped me to reflect on how my daughter is feeling.  The mood meter is a good tool to help kids continue to practice labeling how they are feeling and then think about a strategy that they can use if they need to calm down.   One resource that our students are familiar with for brain breaks and I have been enjoying doing with my daughter is GoNoodle.

If you need help accessing Seesaw for the learning activities, you can email the classroom teacher, text or call Dr. Ellis (206) 823-4056, or visit our website for directions.  Remember students are expected to use Chromebooks for LEARNING PURPOSES ONLY. We are asking families to please help us in monitoring student use of computers, reminding students that the computer is NOT for watching Youtube videos that are not connected to learning.  Also, remember to visit our Vimeo site for read alouds from our librarian, music videos from our music teachers, and more.

Below is a chart outlining the learning expectations to support you in creating a plan for your family as well as the chart of how sadness may play out in your child during this crisis.

Daily Learning Expectations
  • Read for at least 20 minutes
  • Check Seesaw for Messages
  • Use Chromebook for learning purposes only
Highly Encouraged Daily Learning
  • Write for different purposes
Weekly Expectations

Determine a schedule that works for your family

  • Complete required learning assignments on Seesaw or Google Classroom
HIghline Encouraged Weekly Learning
  • Complete 20-45 minutes of iReady reading and math
  • Do things with your family or your own learning and share with your teacher
  • Complete other assignments provided in newsletters by classroom teachers (including activities and videos from specialist.

Kid's Sadness About COVID-19 May Look Like:

Anger "This stupid remote doesn't work!"
Resisting the "new order" "I am not doing four math problems! I am only doing one!"
Tiredness "I don't want to go for a walk. I'm too tired!"
Numbing Out "Just 30 more minutes on the iPad!"
Displaced frustration "I didn't want lasagna for dinner. I wanted tacos!"
Boredom "I am bored" = code for "I am sad!"

Thank you as always for your partnership and let us know how we can help! 

Debbie Ellis